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“Are you happy?”

It’s such a difficult question.

I always say yes because I have friends,

I laugh at jokes, I go out a lot and have fun,

I don’t have terrible problems,

my life isn’t as bad as it could be.

But then, on some nights at 3 AM when I’m alone and still awake,

lying in bed, thinking about life I find myself crying my heart out.

Suddenly I’m convinced that nobody likes me or nobody ever will.

The sadness comes out of nowhere, but cuts as deep as a blade.

I feel horrible and question everything I had.

And then I don’t know if I was ever happy at all.

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Anonymous whispered,

I think I just farted

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My sister was just talking to me but as usual i was just ignoring her and mindlessly scrolling through tumblr when i read something really funny and laughed. She thought i was laughing at something she said so laughed back, thinking she’s funny. Then i looked at her and said “I wasn’t laughing at you. I was laughing at tumblr”

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“Life is too short to surround yourself with people who don’t make you happy.”

Happy 25th Birthday, Lucy Hale! (June 14, 1989) 

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Uh what…

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this show should be called ‘making it’ cause Rita Volk is making me pretty gay

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